Now in many European countries a next wave of Corona-virus infection seems inevitable, it becomes unlikely my marathon on November 28, 2021, will go through. I'm not angry or bitter about it, just saddened that there's a part of the population who couldn't be convinced to get vaccinated, while they probably aren't against it, just haven't done it yet, for whatever reason. 80% against 90% of a population vaccinated makes a big difference, see Portugal.

Anyway, it seems likely my marathon will be cancelled by the local authorities, and I need to consider what to do in case this happens. Rather than running a marathon on my own, I'll probably keep training to get into a better marathon shape. At the moment, long runs are still too much of a problem for me (I'm exhausted afterwards), while that shouldn't be the case.

I guess the best course of action is to reduce my training volume in week 12, and then, in December 2021 start from week 1 until week 9, then keep repeating weeks 6 through 9 until there's another marathon to run, after which I can continue to week 12.

My only hope now is that the event will go through, with a mandatory proof of vaccination or a recent negative test result, using the CoronaCheck app. I rather not have my training efforts go to waste, but realize that it's just a hobby, so if push comes to shove, I should do as I'm told. People not doing that have caused most of the problems we're in right now.

Freedom comes with a price, so it seems.