Before I even consider participating in national novel writing month, I think I should do my own challenge of reading as many novels, good or bad, as feasible in a month, and write a little review. This place ( is as good as any to do just that. My big challenge, taking precedence, is still running a marathon in November.

Perhaps I should rephrase this. Since reading seems to be so atrophied in me, I probably should take much longer to develop a taste for reading. A challenge is probably not the best means to encourage a reading habit, since it's so easy to fail. I suppose finding a source (sources) of book will be my first priority.

My local library sucks, because of budget cuts. You need a subscription, even to use their reading tables to read the newspapers. You can visit for free, but only for looking, not reading. Next up, is the local pawn shops, which are actually used goods shops, where people have donated their goods (including books), to be sold for cheap, or, at least, cheaper than buying new. There are even community-driven free micro-libraries, but those are meant for children of underprivileged families, who can't afford a yearly library subscription. I can afford the latter, but think it's a rip-off, not worth my money for what's offered.

So, that's what should be my focus for the upcoming month, where to find somewhat affordable books.